Preface to the Supplement

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A Chronicle of Maffersdorf
By Inge Schwarz

Preface to the Supplement

The Chronicle of Maffersdorf gives a representative summary of the history of ethnic Germans in Bohemia or if one prefers, the history of the ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland. It discloses in short flashes the problems confronting an ethnic minority in a multinational or supranational state. These problems are ancient as well as new and are not limited to Austria-Hungary, Bohemia or Czechoslovakia. When questions concerning ethnic minorities and their survival are not properly appreciated, understood and resolved in a fair and fraternal manner, dissonance, malevolence and hatred will develop and lead time and again and anywhere on earth to dreadful human tragedies such as those experienced in Maffersdorf 1945/46 after the end of WWII. The generation of Maffersdorfers who suffered through this tragic phase of history witnessed its causes personally or heard about them from their families.

With this supplement I wish to place the publication "Maffersdorf and Its Fate" into a broader perspective in order to make a small contribution towards better understanding and objective assessment of history. The supplement is dedicated to Maffersdorfers as well as others generally interested in the fate of the expellees of 1945/46. This has been accomplished in form of a compacted anecdotal presentation. Many books and papers are available offering the interested reader exhaustive information on all aspects of Sudetengerman history.


Copyright © by Inge Schwarz 1997 (Heimatstelle Maffersdorf) 
Copyright © by Anton Möller • 2005

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MAFFERSDORF - Marktgemeinde im Landkreis Reichenberg - SUDETENLAND